Hello! I'm Scout (they/them) and I'm 18. I spent like a whole day browsing neocities sites and really wanted to try making my own! despite having literally no coding experience! ( it's not as hard as i thought to be honest lol ) Anyways, I'm really into videogames right now, specifically nintendo, and crochet. I'm not as big into anime as I used to be, but I'm trying to read more manga nowadays ( I owe my LIFE to my local library who had all of Soul Eater ). Sometimes I draw, but honestly I'm super out of practice! It'll probably be a bit until I'm confident enough to share anything.

Media I Like: Splatoon, Sonic, Kirby, Pikmin, Everything Everywhere All At Once (EASILY best movie of all time), BOTW, Soul Eater, Omori, Kageki Shoujo, Deltarune, Vocaloid, TOH, Portal, Invader Zim, Webkinz, Apex Legends, Animal Crossing, Our Life Visual Novels, LSD Dream Emulator, Little Nightmares, Love Plus (complicated relationship with those games), Minecraft, Project Zomboid

Hobbies and things: Crochet, Rollerskating, Baking, Drawing, Ita Bags, Cats, Sea Creatures

Music: MushiP, Kikuo, Mitski, Machine Girl, Crumb, Lemon Demon, Destroy Boys, PowaPowaP, In Love With A Ghost

Discord: v0x3l#3518
Email: cheekydispo@gmail.com
Switch Friend Code: SW-8242-5124-6145